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Mediven Compression Socks

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Mediven for Men Classic Compression Socks come in Tall and/or Extra wide calf sizes.   Big and Tall men often have issues with blood circulation in the leg veins.   I had two DVTs 10 years ago and I have been wearing compression socks ever since.  For most of that time, I was wearing Jobst Activewear socks with the extra wide calf.   Jobst are decent socks-but I had to pull up my socks several times each day, and I didn’t have enough compression around my ankle.  I also wore some Therawear socks.  See my reviews for both Jobst and Therawear.

Six months ago I decided to try the Mediven for Men Classic Compression socks.  You can get tall extra wide socks or tall regular width socks in six different size variations.  I ordered size VI, Tall, and Extra Large Calf.   It must be complex to manufacture a medical grade sock in so many different sizes and colors!

As soon as I put them on, they felt more comfortable and supportive.  The socks pull up to just under my knee, so a bit longer than Jobst.   The Mediven socks don’t slip down, and I have the support I need around my ankle but still a good fit for my wide calves.   They don’t leave any marks on my legs.

I would often rip my Jobst socks when trying to pull them on.   That doesn’t happen with my Medivens.


10Expert Score
Mediven Compression Socks
Comfortable, Good Fit for Tall and/or Extra Wide Calf Sizes
High quality, durable and lost lasting, comfortable, a wide variety of tall and extra wide sizes.
Variety of Tall and Extra Wide Calf Sizes
Extra Wide Calf Still Provides Snug Ankle Support
Air Exchange
Controls Leg Swelling
Ease of putting on
Ease of Taking Off
Style and Appearance
  • High quality
  • Durable, unlikely to rip
  • Very Comfortable
  • Don't Fall Down
  • Don't Leave Marks on Your Legs
  • Extra Wide Calf still provides support to ankles.
  • Socks are marked left and right
  • No odor issues
  • Expensive
  • Air exchange slightly less than Jobst.
  • Takes some practice to put them on efficiently

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